Pilates, Yoga and Qi-gong classes – Mission Bay, Auckland

Bodylight classes are a unique fusion of Pilates, Yoga and Qi-Gong.
Classes are available in Yoga, pilates, Qi gong and any combination of the above, to suit individual needs.

The studio is open from 6:30am – 7:30pm and is situated on Level 1,  224 kepa Rd. Mission Bay, Auckland.
Studio Sessions are available during those times.

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We also offer specialized classes for:

  • Dancers
  • People with lower back pain
  • People with osteoporosis
  • Arthritis
  • The elderly

Class Descriptions, Times and Prices:

Bodylight ® Studio Sessions (equipment props & mat)

Each session includes mat props and Pilates equipment work (Reformer, Trapeze etc.), tailored to the individual or group.
The first sessions are dedicated to learn the fundamental principles and the essence of the Bodylight technique and then progressing to build a personal or group program to match the fitness level and goals of the participant(s). New clients are encouraged to participate in a series of one on one sessions before joining a group.
Studio Sessions are available everyday from 7:30am - 7:00pm.  and are one hour long. Booking required.

Private session:   $90 or $850 for 10 sessions
Duet:   $45 each or $425 for 10 sessions
Trio:   $40 each or $380 for 10 sessions
Small Group (3- 6 people): $36 or $340 for 10 sessions

Book Your First Bodylight Session 30% off your first session during July - August


Bodylight ® Mat classes

Experience the benefit of postural, breathing and movement awareness through Pilates, Yoga and Qi-Gong.
In this one hour session you will stretch, tone and strengthen the body while calming the mind. You will learn how to use these techniques to prevent injuries and to enhance flow, grace and ease of movement.

Monday 5:30pm - Bodylight Fusion (General Level, Beginners Welcome)
Monday 6:30pm  - Bodylight Fusion (General Level, Beginners Welcome)
Tuesday 5:30pm - Bodylight Yoga (General Level, Beginners Welcome)
Thursday 6:30pm - Bodylight Fusion (General Level)
Thursday 7:30pm  - Bodylight Fusion (Beginners)
Friday 6:30am - Bodylight Yoga (General Level, Beginners Welcome)
Friday 11:30am - Bodylight Yoga (General Level, Beginners Welcome)

Cost: $20 casual,  $180 for 10 (valid 6 months)

If it's your first mat class at our studio, please TXT, Call, or Email us with your name and the class you want to join:
M: 027 265 0000
E: studio@bodylight.co.nz

Bodylight ® Early Morning Fusion (Mat, and Equipment)

A nice gentle way to wake up the body and mind. Get energised through movement. This class combines Yoga and Pilates equipment. Booking Required

Tuesdays & Thursdays 06:15am – 07:00am 
Cost: $30 or $280 for 10

Please TXT, Call, or Email to book:
M: 027 265 0000
E: studio@bodylight.co.nz

Bodylight ® Qi-gong

Qi-gong class for cultivating energy through flowing movement and breath.

The Bodylight Qi-gong method of teaching is based on traditional as well as contemporary forms. Inspired by the philosophy and imagery and staying true to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, Bodylight Qi-gong teaching offers flow, creativity, movement meditation and enhanced well-being of mind and body. Booking Required

Wednesdays 11:30 – 12:30
Cost: $36 or $340 for 10 sessions

Please TXT, Call, or Email to book:
M: 027 265 0000
E: studio@bodylight.co.nz

Bodylight ® Kids & Teens Classes

Bodylight Kids and Teens classes are a unique fusion of Yoga Pilates and Mindfulness. Using mat props and Pilates equipment, these classes are designed to enhance mind-body awareness, develop good posture/movement habits, stretch the body and relax the mind.

Kids classes details and registration


Bodylight ® Mindfulness Flow

A unique fusion of Mindfulness meditation and Yoga flow.

Mindfulness course details and Registration


Bodylight ®  for Pregnancy 

Mind-body-breath pilates classes for pregnancy.

This class will consist of exercises to assist with a healthy pregnancy and an enjoyable delivery.
Improved posture, pain relief, better breathing, relaxation, toning, flexibility and strength building are some of the benefits of attending the Bodylight classes.
Suit pregnant ladies from the second trimester onward.

Saturday 10am

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Bodylight ® Treatments

  • Bodylight treatment: This is a deeply relaxing fusion of Shiatsu, Reflexology, Thai Yoga Massage, Pressure points and Reiki.
  • Myofascial release & Craniosacral Therapy: Release restrictions, trauma, and compression patterns rapidly, work with the tissue structure and fluids and promote profound and efficient self repair.

Treatments are 60 minutes duration (children and babies 30 minutes), fully clothed.

Cost: $90

Please TXT, Call, or Email to book:
M: 027 265 0000
E: studio@bodylight.co.nz