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Bodylight® Pilates Teacher Training and other courses

Pilates and Yoga Teachers TrainingBodylight® Teacher Training school had its first course in 2004 with now many certified teachers teaching in various Pilates and Yoga studios all over Auckland and NZ.

If you are thinking about a career in the holistic health and wellness industry or simply wanting to expand your knowledge of the working of the body so you can help yourself and your family maintain a strong and healthy mind-body connection, enquire with us about our courses.

The unique Bodylight® method draws from the wisdoms of ancient Yoga and Qi-gong, mixed with the modern Pilates approach to offer a whole mind-body education system.
Pilates education, Anatomy, Yoga - asana, nidra and pranayama, Qi-gong practice, and manual therapies taught in a deep, thorough and practical way.

Small class numbers allow for a full immersion and understanding of the techniques with strong hands-on approach, teaching skills and many practice hours at the fully equipped Bodylight® studio.


How is the Bodylight® method different from other Yoga, Pilates training courses? 

This is the original and first nz mindful movement training course which weaves together yoga, Pilates, Qigong and mindfulness training. The training focus on the understanding of the many similarities and possibilities of integration of the different disciplines, rather then the differences.

The course is largely instructed by Edna, the founder of the method so you get the knowledge, the content, mentoring and hands on teachings from the founder directly.

Students in this year's training course will enjoy free participation in weekly classes during the 7 months of their training. The course includes a weekend retreat at Mana retreat centre.

A follow up period of assisting at the Bodylight® studio to gain real life experience is also offered to students who pass the theory and practical exam.

Bodylight® Teacher Training course

The Bodylight® Foundation course is designed for students who have Pilates or Yoga Experience and want to become Bodylight® instructors or who wish to expand and deepen their knowledge of Mind-body awareness, movement and health.
At the end of the course, students will be able to teach Mat, Small Props and Equipment (studio) classes, at beginner and general level.

The course runs over 7 intensive weekends - one weekend each month, plus an immersive Bodylight weekend retreat 

Students are expected to complete assignments/readings at home/studio throughout the progression of the course.

Starting March 2024

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Pilates and Yoga Training Course
Pilates and Yoga Training Course Level 1


"Bodylight teacher training courses were transformative and changed my way of perception of the body and mind connection completely.
Edna's knowledge is vast and full of experience and her way of teaching students is unique, caring, meaningful and creative.
The anatomy of the pelvic floor, abdominal region, shoulder girdle, and more was explained beyond my expectations and workshopped in movement sessions.
The blend of Yoga, Pilates, and Qigong is a wonderful way to open a door to these teachings and to explore the mind-body-breath connection through self-practice which is an important part of becoming an instructor.
I am forever grateful for these courses, for Edna's teachings, patience, and care for students, and for always being supportive when we needed it. I became an intuitive, caring, and confident instructor with an eagerness to continue to learn more and share the Bodylight method with others.
I definitely recommend it! Thank you!"

- Jana

Bodylight Yoga Essence - 6 Weeks Course

Yoga course Bodylight Auckland

Learn the authentic and important essence of Yoga.

In this 6 weeks course, you will learn about the 8 limbs of Yoga: the eight-fold philosophies of the Sutras.
We will practice the physical, emotional and mental aspects, and gain knowledge about Yoga history and origin. During the classes, you will study Yoga Sutras, Asanas, Pranayama, Mudra and Meditation.

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Bodylight Mindfulness Flow - 4 weeks course

Minsdulness in Mission bay

A unique fusion of Mindfulness meditation, Yoga and qigong flow. (no yoga experience required). Present moment experience through breath awareness and gentle movement.
In these classes, you will find traditional mindfulness techniques weaved together with yoga to encourage breath-body-mind connection, sharpened mental focus, stress reduction, relaxation and to support healing.

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Bodylight® Manual Therapies Weekend Course

Bodylight Manual Therapies course

This is a Hands-On weekend course. You will learn the unique Bodylight treatment method. A combination of Shiatsu, Reflexology, Fascia release, Deep tissue, Assisted stretches, Reiki and Thai Yoga massage.
The Bodylight treatment is very effective for rehabilitation and deep relaxation. A great tool for any bodyworker, therapist or Pilates/Yoga instructor.

June 2024