The Bodylight Method – Pilates, Yoga, Qigong, Mindfulness

What is the Bodylight Method

The unique Bodylight ® method draws from the wisdoms of ancient Yoga and Qi-gong, mixed with the modern Pilates approach to offer a whole mind-body education

Pilates, Yoga and Qi-Gong have a lot in common. All work the body and the mind, all deal with breath and spirit. Results of practicing this method of combined techniques are: coordination, balance, suppleness and increased energy levels. Regular practice can bring inner calm and physical well-being.
The fundamental principles of all three are: awareness, self-watching, being “the passive observer”, Developing our consciousness, centeredness, and concentration. Combined with relaxation, this concentration is directed towards our inner teacher, which speaks to us through our body and our breath.


Pilates technique was originally named “the art of contrology” by Joseph Pilates (1880-1967). It is now evolved from the traditional mat work and equipment base exercises, to a large number of contemporary pilates inspired teachings.
Based on the work of pilates and modern day research, it is now widely used to prevent and rehabilitate from injuries, tone the core muscles in the body, balance the body and elongate it.
It is a very effective method to educate the body to think for itself.

Pilates Equipment: Reformers and Trapeze Tables

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The English word yoke is derived from the Sanskrit root word as is the word yoga. Yoke is an efficient device to carry a load (such as water) by first dividing the load in two containers, then joining them by a pole. Our life is what we carry-yoga makes carrying easier. Yoga consists of a large number of practices and techniques handed down from ancient times and added to along the way.
As we practice yoga, so we add to it, bringing our own unique experience and wisdom to it. Yoga is a living practice, always changing but fundamentally staying the same.

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(QI = life energy. GONG = management, work) An ancient Chinese discipline of cultivating the internal energy. Simple yet very effective, profound practices to enhance and extend life. Short sequences of flowing movements practiced to release blockages and tension. These powerful holistic exercises depend more on awareness and sensitivity then strength and speed but producing the quality of being centered-like the calm in the center of the storm.