Edna Levy – Bodylight method, Pilates Yoga & Qi-Gong

Edna Levy was born in Israel. Started her formal Ballet training at the age of 4. At the age of 14, while continuing classical ballet training, Edna moved on to explore modern, contemporary and post-modern dance forms with the Rina Schenfeld dance school in Tel-Aviv. At the age of 16 Edna joined the Rina Schenfeld dance company and at 20 completed a diploma in dance, choreography, and dance pedagogy.

As well as choreographing and performing Edna continuously delved into various forms of bodywork to support her long hours of physical training. Among those were yoga, Feldenkrais, Alexander technique and tai-chi.

In the early 90s Edna and her husband Yaron moved to Sydney, Australia where Edna  was teaching, creating, rehearsing and performing full time with a Sydney based modern dance company. During the following 2 years Edna discovered the Pilates technique, then known mainly to dancers. Understanding the importance of activating the core muscles to prevent injuries, Edna started incorporating the Pilates principles in her classes.

In 1994 Edna and Yaron sailed to Auckland, New-Zealand on board their yacht, “Temeraire”.

The following 4 years were divided between sailing expeditions to the south pacific islands and continuing to develop the unique mind and body awareness and conditioning method, now known as Bodylight.

In 1998, upon receiving NZ Residency and settling back on land, Edna was teaching in various studios and institutions around Auckland including Unitec performing arts school and The YMCA gyms.

In 2000 Edna opened her Bodylight Studio.

Through her experience of pregnancy and child birth, Edna has developed pre and post-natal mind-body work: breath awareness, visualization, meditation and physical workout for a healthy pregnancy, manageable and enjoyable natural birth, and rehabilitation post- natal.

Over the years Edna has developed unique mind-body awareness and conditioning method, which she teaches to a large and diverse clientele. From professional dancers and athletes to people of all ages and walks of life.

While many gyms and studios advertise classes in any of those disciplines separately, Edna is taking the best and the similarities of those techniques into a fusion that is educating, therapeutic, dynamic and interesting.
While yoga trains the muscles to tone and lengthen, the breath to expand and the mind to quiet, Pilates establishes a relationship of mind with body for centering and core-control and teaches us new pathways to correct “bad” habits. Qi-gong is like an undercurrent of chi- life force energy, which flows seamlessly within us, and with conscious effort can enhance our lives on all levels.