Bodylight Treatment

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A combination of Shiatsu, Reflexology, Fascia release, Deep tissue, Assisted stretches, Reiki and Thai Yoga massage. Fully clothed.
The Bodylight treatment is very effective for rehabilitation and deep relaxation.

The treatment and manual therapies are part of the Bodylight mindful-movement method and work with the whole person, to improve their movement and well-being.
The Bodylight treatment aids the process of restoring the mind-body-breath function and connection.
The treatment itself is designed to aid in general pain relief, tension release, joints lubrication, vitality and circulation. It is a pleasant positive experience. It contributes to a sense of peaceful connection of mind in body, a calmer observation of the body and a comfortable physical state.
The treatment can improve and alleviate specific conditions, aches, stiffness and chronic

Treatments are 60 minutes duration: $100

Children and babies 30 minutes: $55

Far Infra Red Heat treatments

Far infra red heat therapy is a modern adaptation of ancient, holistic wisdom. Heat is a vital, elemental and important component of life. Far infra red heat is produced by the sun. When its reduced, our physical and mental functions are reduced. Complimenting the sun's far infra red energy with the mat and device can improve circulation of  oxygenated blood and Qi to the whole body.

The treatment assists with healing, repair, de-stress, unblock stagnation, enhance flow, improve sleep, reduce chronic pain, promote metabolism,  increase immunity, help to remove toxic wastes. It is deeply relaxing and restorative.

At the Bodylight studio we combine the Bodylight treatment and manual therapies with the use of the special mat and the hand held device for treatment of specific areas and regions in the body.

Introductory offer: $120 (one hour)