Welcome to Bodylight 


Bodylight® is a boutique studio situated in Mission Bay, Auckland 8 minutes from the CBD. The studio has been in the Orakei/Mission Bay area for over 12 years and have a strong local clientele and feel.

The studio is equipped with Pilates machines, including reformers, trapeze tables, wunda-chairs and other props.

Edna Levy has been teaching Pilates, yoga and dance in Auckland since 1998 and has developed the Bodylight® method which incorporates Pilates Yoga and Qi-Gong, to enhance mind-body awareness and help create a centered, mindfull body.

The studio is currently open from 6:30am – 7:30pm during the week and 8:00am – 12:00 on Saturdays.

Classes are available in Yoga, pilates, Qi gong, Mindfulness and any combination of the above, to suit individual needs. Read more

Bodylight® studio runs regular teachers training courses

The Bodylight®  offerings include Yoga, Pilates and Qi-gong methods woven into one Bodylight flowing session, or taught separately to suit your needs:

  • Private session – a private and personal tailored programme to suit individual’s needs and goals
  • Semi-private sessions for two people to share whether friends or couples
  • Small group studio sessions (mat and equipment classes 3-6 people)
  • Mat classes – up to 12 people, using the small props
  • Teenagers specialised classes for age group 12-17
  • Kids specialised classes for age groups 4-10 and 10-13
  • Special needs children
  • Parent and child classes
  • Pregnancy , pre and post natal classes for women, couples, mums with bubs
  • Adults general fitness, maintenance and mind-body awareness classes
  • Rehabilitation bodylight classes and treatments.(injuries, chronic conditions,pre and post-surgery)
  • Senior population, a specialised class for the elderly
  • Shiatsu pressure point massage, deep tissue massage, Lymphatic drainage treatment, reflexology
  • Mindfulness courses
  • Pilates Teachers Training
  • Workshops and Retreats


“Change happens through movement and movement heals”
-Joseph Pilates